Some Important Questions Asked During Today’s JKSSB Examination Of Junior Assistant, Check Here

Some of the questions Asked in JA exam today
1. In which year did dhandidhar fort completed?
2. Indravati is tributary of which river
3. largest artificial fresh water lake in India
4. what gulab Singh annexed kishtwar?
5. Island built by zain-ul-abedin in
6. in August 2001, RBI cancelled licence of which bank
7. Mahakali Mandir in pacca danga in Jammu was built by whom
8. the bank the valley of Kashmir was written by
9. champaran satyagrah was started in which state
10. Archeological remaining in pulwama district are found by which ruler
11. the ruler Jahangir wish too burry his remain in anantnag district____.
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