500 Latest Current Affairs MCQ’s For Upcoming JKSSB Exams

Who has recently appointed the head of the National Human Rights Commission?
(1) B. Kemal Pasha
(2) C. S. Karnan
(3) Arun Mishra
(4) B. N. Srikrishna
(5) V. N. Suman Rao

2. Global Parents Day observed on
(1) June 1
(2) June 2
(3) May 31
(4) May 30
(5) June 3

3. Which institution of Indian Railways became the first to be declared Standard Developing Organization (SDO) under one “One Nation One Standard” mission?
(2) RDSO
(3) IRFC
(5) RSPB

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4. With whom did ICICI Lombard partner with to strengthen and automate the quality control processes recently?

(1) Google
(2) Infosys
(3) CTS
(4) Microsoft
(5) TCS

5) Languages of Truth: Essays 2003-2020 is a chronicle of who among the following authors?
(1) Arundhati Roy
(2) Taslima Nasrin
(3) Salman Rushdie
(4) Amitav Ghosh
(5) Yuval Noah Harari

6. What is the name of the Indian Coast Guard’s Offshore Vessel commissioned by NSA Ajit Doval recently?
(1) Sujeet
(2) Shoor
(3) Sujay
(4) Sarthak
(5) Sajag

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7. Which of the following institution has recently launched the world’s first nano liquid urea fertilizer?
(2) RCF
(3) National Fertilizers Limited
(5) GSFC

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