Ahead Of India Pakistan Cricket Match, Appeal for Kashmiri students

Ahead of India Pakistan cricket match, J&K Students Association appeals Kashmiri students to maintain discipline and enjoy the game.

Dear Kashmiri Students;
Take Sports as a game & don’t create any kind of indiscipline in any institution across the country. Think about Ur family. U & your career matters. Students Shouldn’t involve themselves in unnecessary debates & discussions before or aftr the game.

The Political connotations and feelings attached to this game are very serious. So, Students should enjoy the game with true sprit of sportsman.

Kashmiri students must understand that by cheering for team playing, they are putting themselves in a vulnerable position. Their social media posts and actions can land them in trouble.

Students must work towards keeping themselves safe in their Varasties and accommodations and should think about their families back home.

Games and sports are not just means of amusement but they teach us brotherhood and peace. These events must promote brotherhood and harmony, not violence.

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