JKSSB Sub Inspector Exam Review, Some Important Questions

Today’s question asked (17/12/2022)

1 Non mettalic elements
2 national flag day yah morning me lagate hai..
3 reorganisation act me amendments kab ki gyi hai Feb 2021
4 writ prohibition
5 Hind sawraj- Mahatma gandhi
6 anand math

7 profit ;per;rectangle:dice;mean
8 noble prize physics medicine pe
9 ek ecology  ka Q tha jisme article pucha forest conserve pe
10 geography ka comprehension based
himalayan River pe
Game changer..:
11 electromicroscopic wave
12 SLR me cash & gold kaha rakhte hai rbi or bank
13 dairy research centre
14 new development bank hQ
15 navratna economics me kab laya 1996 1995 aur option the

16 reasoning blood relation pointing pe 2 Q the ;abc abaaba walle Q ;statement walle;blood relation Q in inequalities
Hq of ADB
Hq of Dairy products something
Indias oldest stockexchage
gens peay questions
Hormones pey questions
Silent valley kaha hai
how many Seismic zones
Iqram Ul Haq:
Shah mir pey questions
Hind Swaraj book
Who continueed quiet india movement when Ghandhi was arrested
Port of Mongolia kaha hai
Ukraine pey questions
English straight pey question.

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