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JKSSB Finance Account Assistant Solved Paper (Mock), Download Free Here

Q1. Luni river flows from which of the following states? 

A. Karnataka 
B. Rajasthan 
C. Uttar Pradesh 
D. Tamilnadu 
Ans:- B 
Q2. Laos country is a part of which association? 
C. European Union 
D. All of the above  
Ans:- A 
Q3. Red Sea is around which of the following countries? 
A. Angola, Zambia, Namibia  
B. Nigeria, Algeria, Libya 
C. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan  
D. Turkey, Syria, Iraq  
Ans:-  C 
Q4. Hambantota port is located in which country? 
A. India 
B. Sri lanka 
C. China 
D. Myanmar 
Ans:-  B
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