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Most Important 400 MCQ’s Of Geography For JKSSB VLW posts & other Exams

PART-I: Universe and solar system (Astronomical Geography(Astronomical Geography)

1. On which of the following planets water cycle is available?

(a) Jupiter (b) Earth (c) Mars (d) Venus

Ans: (b)

2. The asteroids revolve round the Sun in between :

(a) Earth and Mars (b) Mars and Jupiter (c) Jupiter and Saturn (d) Saturn and Uranus)

Ans: (b)

3. Which of the following is called the twin of the earth?

(a) Neptune (b) Venus (c) Mars (d) Saturn
Ans: (b)

4. Which amidst the following planets has its orbit closest to Sun?

(a) Venus (b) Mars (c) Jupiter (d) Uranus
Ans: (a)

5. The light from the Sun reaches the Earth in about

(a) 8 seconds (b) 8 minutes (c) 10 seconds (d) 10 minutes
Ans: (b)

6. The surface temperature of the sun is estimated as

(a) 6000°C (b) 12000 °C (c) 18000 °C (d) 24000 °C

Ans: (a)

7. Which one of the following planets has no moon?

(a) Mars (b) Neptune (c) Mercury (d) Pluto

10. The Milky Way Galaxy was first observed by

(a) Galileo (b) Maarten Schmidt (c) Marconi (d) Newton
Ans: (a)

11. Which of the following statements is correct?

(a) Pluto is not a Planet now

(b) Pluto was discoverd by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930

(c) Pluto has been given the number 134340

(d) All of the above
Ans: (d)

12. Which is the hottest planet in the Solar System?

(a) Jupiter (b) Saturn (c) Venus (d) Uranus

13. The largest planet in our solar system is

(a) Mars (b) Jupiter (c) Saturn (d) Mercury
Ans: (b)

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