Kashmir University

Kashmir University 1st Semester Environmental Science Guess Paper

Long Answer Type Questions
Q. 1. Explain the concept and scope of Environmental Science?

Q. 2. Discuss the Components of Environment?

Q.3. Discuss the structure and functions of
Q. 4. Explain the Concept of Population?
Discuss the factors of Population growth?
Q. 5. Explain the Concept and Characteristics of Community?
Q.6. Explain the concept and functions of

Q.7. Discuss the Biogeochemical cycles?
Q. 8. Discuss the Malthusian theory of
human population growth?
Q.9. Discuss the drivers of human
population change?
Q. 10. Write a brief account of

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Short Answer Type Questions
1. What is Cryosphere?
2. What is Anthroposphere?

3. What is Mutualism?
4. What is Commensalism?
5. What is Predation?
6. What is Parasitism?
7. What is food chain?
8. What is the significance of food webs in
9. What are ecological pyramids?
10. What is Decomposition?
11. What is ecological footprint?
12. What is Biodiversity?

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