Good News 10+2 Lecturers vacancies


Identification of vacancies of 10+2 Lecturers in various subjects.


The information On the aforementioned subject matter viz Sanctioned Strength, Lecturen In-Position as on 30-11-2022 with Direct Quota and Promotion Quota received from your offices does not coincide with the records of the higher office with the result the Administrative Department has desired to revisit the issue and furnish the correct figures strictly with reference to the records.




You are, therefore, requested to recheck the data provided previously with reference to the relevant records of your offices/ Institutions and furnish the updated information to be available as on 30-11-2022 by adopting the following formula on the devised format (copy enclosed) for its onward submission to Administrative Department:-



1. Teacher/Master promoted as Lecturer or Senior Lecturer = Promotion Quota.

2. Direct appointed Lecturer = Direct Quota.


3. Direct appointed Lecturer promoted as Senior Lecturer = Direct Quota.


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