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Important Information For J&K Govt Employees

However, it has been observed that sizeable number of employees are yet to submit their property returns. The last date for filing of property returns is fixed for 31 of January, 2023, beyond which the Portal would automatically not accept the submission of the property returns and moreover, no manual submission shall be accepted in any case.

It is clarified that non submission of property returns shall invite action against such defaulting employees under relevant provisions of law and shall result in denial of vigilance clearance as well.

Accordingly, all the employees who are yet to submit their annual property returns for the year 2022, through the medium of this Notice, are directed to submit their property returns on the PRS Portal immediately, well before the specified timeline i.e. 31 January, 2023.

It is further enjoined upon all the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOS) to ensure compliance with regard to filing of property returns by all the employees of their establishment. Further, Administrative Departments shall also assess the progress in this regard.

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