JKPSC withdraw advertisement notification for Higher Education posts

Subject:- Withdrawal of advertisement Notifications in Higher Education

Whereas, the Higher Education Department vide letter dated 25.09.2020, 05.07.202 1, 06.01.202 1, 17.02.2021, and 13.04.2022 referred 397 posts (52+173+126+46) of Assistant Professor in various disciplines/Librarian/ PTI; and,

Whereas, the posts were, accordingly, advertised vide Notification No.08-PSC (DR-P) of 2021 dated 18.08.2021, No.O9-PSC (DR-P) of 2021 dated 03.09.2021, No. 13-PSC (DR-P) of 2022 dated 25.05.2022 and No. 15-PSC (DR-P) of 2022 dated 30.06.2022; and,Whereas, the Higher Education Department vide letter No. HED-
GAZ/2018/2022-04 dated 01.12.2022 required the Commission to withdraw these posts.

Now, therefore, in view of the communication of the Higher Education
Department under reference, the posts advertised vide Notification No. 08-PSC (DR-P) of 2021 dated 18.08.2021, Notification No. 09-PSC (DR-P) of 2021 dated 03.09.2021, Notification No. 13-PSC (DR-P) of 2022 dated 25.05.2022 and Notification No. 15-PSC (DR-P) of 2022 dated 30.06.2022 are hereby withdrawn.

The candidates who have applied against these posts are advised to approach the Commission via email jkpsconlinerefund@gmail.com with acknowledgement receipt and account number for refund of the fee by or before 15.02.2023.

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