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Important Questions Asked During Today’s JKSSB exams

Some of Today’s questions asked in Election Assistant exam.

1. Which dam is built on betwa river
.2. Largest oxbow lake
3. Highest no. Of Ramsar site in which state
4. Boundering countries of Ukraine
5 Swaraj is my birth right
6 Least producing crop of Kashmir
7 Lidder originate from which glacier
8 Akhnoor fort built by
9 Antonym of enscence

10 Great basin desert in which country
11 If water is at higher elevation in a tank the energy it in…..
12 Economy se  Gdp depreciation
13 Who built victoria hall of kulcutta
14 6, 8, 16, 36, 98 , ?
15 If Bat=71 then VINE = ???

16 Anti virus detection technique
17 Powerpoint design tab includes….
18 Folk dance of Kashmir rauff, wanwun, damali ..
19 Which dance describes evil practice something like that … Bandh pather, damali ,

20 biography on Vladimir Putin book name
21 manasbal lake in wch distt
22 nishat bhag built by

✅ This will give u a view of the exams pattern for coming papers of Jkssb

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