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Questions asked during today’s JKSSB exam

Questions of Today’s Paper

1.Fish producing lake in J&K
2. Mendels law of inheritance…plant used
3. Vitellogenesis
4. Sperm fuses with ova through
5. Fish producing lake in Odisha
6. Bining in fishes
7. Fish spinner

8.Blue disease in fishes
9. Black spots
10. Major carp in India
11. Selective gear
12. Primary food in aquatic food chain
13. Carp fingerlings feed on
14. Fish gets its nutrients from
15. Feed formulation
16. Stress hormones

17. Trematode infection in fishes is diagnosed by
18. Aquaculture means
19. Counter current
20. Oogenesis takes place in
21. Taxonomy used for fish identification
22. Dominant allele
23. Formation of RNA is called
24. Acid in vinegar used for fish pickle

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