MeT issues fresh weather advisory in J&K

Weather Update For Jammu & Kashmir For Next 24 Hours
It is expected that most places in Jammu and Kashmir will experience light to moderate rain today, with the maximum activity in parts of the Jammu division. Additionally, in higher elevations, light snowfall is possible.

The cooler weather is also expected, with day temperatures staying 3-9ยฐC below normal.

25๐™ฉ๐™March: Fairly Widespread light Rain/Thunderstorm (light snowfall over higher reaches) at many places of J&K. Thunderstorm may be accompanied by strong gusty winds at isolated places.
26-28๐™ฉ๐™: Mainly Dry.
29th-31st March: Cloudy with possibility of light to moderate rain with thunder and gusty winds at scattered to Fairly widespread places with possibility of Hailstorm over isolated places during 30th March.
1.Spraying of Orchards during window period of 26-28th March.
2.Travel after confirming road status from concerned traffic police
3. Rise in day temperature from 26th March.

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