JKSSB VLW, Top MCQ`s From Computer Section, Download PDF

JKSSB VLW: The computer section in the JKSSB VLW (Village Level Worker) examination plays a crucial role in determining the competency of candidates in handling technological aspects relevant to their roles. To aid aspiring candidates in their preparation, this article compiles a list of top multiple-choice questions (MCQs) from the computer section along with the option to download a PDF for convenient offline studying.

Importance of the JKSSB VLW Computer Section:

In the contemporary world, technology is an integral part of various professional spheres, and the Village Level Worker position is no exception. Competence in computer knowledge is essential for effective data management, report generation, and overall administrative efficiency. The computer section in the JKSSB VLW exam is designed to assess candidates’ familiarity with basic computer concepts, applications, and problem-solving skills.

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JKSSB VLW Top MCQs from the Computer Section:

  • Fundamental Concepts:
    • Question: What is the primary function of the CPU (Central Processing Unit)?
      • A) Memory Storage
      • B) Arithmetic and Logic Operations
      • C) Input/Output Operations
      • D) Network Connectivity
  • Operating Systems:
    • Question: Which operating system is commonly used in personal computers?
      • A) Linux
      • B) macOS
      • C) Windows
      • D) Android
  • Microsoft Office Suite:
    • Question: Which application in Microsoft Office is used for creating and editing spreadsheets?
      • A) Word
      • B) Excel
      • C) PowerPoint
      • D) Outlook
  • Internet and Networking:
    • Question: What does the acronym URL stand for?
      • A) Universal Resource Locator
      • B) Uniform Resource Locator
      • C) Unique Resource Locator
      • D) Universal Routing Locator
  • Database Management:
    • Question: In a relational database, what is a primary key?
      • A) A unique identifier for a record in a table
      • B) A foreign key from another table
      • C) A random number assigned to each record
      • D) A field that is mandatory for data entry

JKSSB VLW Downloadable PDF:

To facilitate a more comprehensive preparation, a PDF containing these top MCQs from the computer section for the JKSSB VLW exam is available for download. This PDF resource enables candidates to engage in focused offline study sessions, making the most of their preparation time.

Download JKSSB VLW Computer Section MCQs PDF


Mastering the computer section is pivotal for success in the JKSSB VLW examination, and a targeted approach to preparation can significantly enhance one’s chances of scoring well. By focusing on fundamental concepts, operating systems, Microsoft Office Suite, internet and networking, and database management, candidates can build a strong foundation for the computer section.

The downloadable PDF serves as a valuable resource for candidates, allowing them to access these top MCQs offline and reinforcing their understanding of key computer-related topics. As technology continues to play an increasingly prominent role in various professions, candidates equipped with solid computer knowledge will not only excel in the JKSSB VLW exam but also contribute effectively to their roles as Village Level Workers.

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