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How TRAI’s AI Spam Filter Works

TRAI’s AI Spam Filter: (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has introduced an AI-based spam filter to combat fake calls and messages. The system is designed to identify and block unsolicited calls and SMSs from telemarketers and fraudsters.

The AI-powered spam filter works by analyzing the behavior of the user and identifying patterns that indicate the likelihood of the message or call being spam. The system uses machine learning algorithms to learn and adapt to new types of spam and phishing attacks.

AI Spam Filter

The spam filter also has the ability to block bulk messages and calls from telemarketers. It analyzes the content of the message or call and checks it against a database of known spammers. If the content is found to be spammy, the system blocks the message or call from reaching the user.

In addition, the system allows users to report spam messages and calls. The user can forward the spam message or call to a designated number, and the system will analyze it and add it to the spam database. This helps to improve the accuracy of the spam filter and ensures that new types of spam are identified and blocked quickly.

Overall, the AI-powered spam filter is expected to significantly reduce the number of spam messages and calls that users receive. It will help to protect users from fraudsters and telemarketers, and ensure that they only receive messages and calls that are relevant and important to them.

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